Will It Cost Me Anything?

No! CN Casting Agency does not charge for artists to be part of the agency. As an agent we take a commission for the work we secure on your behalf. This will ensure that we try to provide you with as much work as possible.

We also offer a Photography, Film & Sound Reel production services this is at an extra cost and as an artist you are not obliged to use our services but they would give you a much better chance to securing work (see relevant page for current prices).

We do however advice all our artists to join Spotlight and there is an annual subscription to spotlight. Prices start from £100inc vat for the year. More information can be found on the Spotlight website.

General Information...

Artists are advised that casting auditions and calls can be anywhere in the country and can be called at any time sometimes with less than 24hrs.


Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions. Casting professionals choose Spotlight to cast their projects because performers on Spotlight are recognised as the industry’s best.

We require all our artists to join Spotlight. This would mean that all artists would have a stronger presence in casting director’s eyes and also receive early notification to any open auditions. Current fees for Spotlight are from £100 inc VAT for any person aged between 4-25 and from £150 for persons over the age of 26.

How do you know when I'm available for auditions and work?
Each of our artists is set up on our client database and provided with an individual login. The software we use is called TAGMIN and can be used on a pc, mac, phone, iPad and there is a mobile App that can be downloaded. In this software, there is a Callander where you are expected to put all your dates where you are unavailable. On TAGMIN you will also put your contact details and other legal information so we have quick access to it when we need it.
Am I guaranteed work?

Absolutely not! No talent agency can. All we can say is we will work our hardest to secure you castings. Once we have secured you the casting its then over to you to show them what you have and secure the job.

Do you accept everyone who applies?

No. Our ethos it to only have clients on our books that we feel can work in the professional setting. We welcome applications from any person, from any ethnicity but strictly by audition only. Please send an attached photo with covering letter and recent experience to info@cncastingagency.co.uk. We open our books several times a year depending on our numbers. So keep your eye on our home page and social media for when we are next opening our books. 

Our Services...

We charge a commision rate (please see our agency agreement) which is a legal binding document. Commision rates vary between 15% – 22% depending on the nature of the job and length of contract.

How old do I have to be to apply to CN Casting Agency?

We represent Actors, Models and other Talent of all ages from newborn child models up to 70+ Lookalikes. If you are under 16 and still in Year 11 at school then all contracts and official business would need to be handled through your parent or guardian.

Are you a sole agency?

Yes, it can get very complicated if you have more than 1 agent.

What if i get work myself?
We advise you to continue looking around for jobs to keep you tied up until we are able to secure you an audition. If you find yourself work and it takes you out of action for a long period of time then we would look at taking up to 12.5% of this as we are then unable to secure you audtions or work. This would be arranged on a case by case basis.